Analytics & Digital Marketing Strategy

Analytics and digital marketing strategyWebsite data analytics can help make an organization’s digital marketing strategy that much better. The good news is that collecting, storing and analyzing data is now easier than ever.

The challenges arise in knowing what to do with the data once you have it.

Even the largest corporations can experience “analytics paralysis.” Overwhelmed by the amount of data coming in, it can prove challenging to determine the right course of action to take that will improve digital marketing strategy efforts based on the numbers you are seeing.

The following are four common areas often measured with analytics and some suggested actions to take when the numbers don’t meet your goals.

Landing Pages

Conversions from landing pages is one of the main data points companies track. If conversions are not meeting your goals, the best action is to test elements of the page. Use A/B testing to switch out key elements such as headlines, photos, the number of fields to fill in for forms and how calls to action are displayed.

Make sure to A/B test one element at a time.  If you change out multiple elements at once, it will be hard to pinpoint which one made improvements and/or reduced results.

Using A/B testing tools can help make this process easier. Tools such as Optimizelycan help you save time by automating the process.

Bounce rates

Bounce rates measure how often people click to your site and then immediately leave. Typically, this means the content they saw did not match what they were searching for when they came to your site. The best practice action here is to do an analysis of your content and the keywords contained in each content element. Ensure you have content that matches what people search for around your product or service. You want content that immediately engages visitors, answers their questions and points to them to more content that does the same.

Bounce rates are a good metric to analyze for paid search. To reduce bounce rates to a PPC landing page, make sure the keywords you are bidding on relate to your ad copy and the ad copy is related to the content of the landing page. If the keyword –> ad –> landing page funnel are all in sync, the chances a visitor will bounce are lessened.

Time On Site

This goes hand-in-hand with bounce rates. Time on site measures how long a person stays on your site before moving on. If this time is relatively short, it means the content was not engaging enough. Or, it could be presented in an unattractive way, such as long blocks of text that are not broken up by headlines. Or, it could be content that is not well written.

Whatever the case, this again requires a thorough examination of the page content and making sure it is easy to digest, relates to what the user searched for, and provides clear next steps or a call-to-action.

Loading Speeds

Short “time on site” numbers and high bounce rate numbers also could have something to do with the design and loading speed of your site. Design should be simple and attractive and intuitively guide users to where you want them to go. In digital marketing, slow loading speed is a killer.

Page speed ranks high on every good site’s priority list. People will leave a site within seconds if it doesn’t load quickly. Take the action to ensure you have attractive design and the fastest loading speed possible.

Do a search for “website speed test” and use one of the many free sites to see how fast it takes your website to load. On average, a good speed is anything 3 seconds or under. If yours is above that, talk to your web developer to see what can be done to reduce your load times.

These topics represent a few areas where you can turn analytics insight into an actionable digital marketing strategy. Knowing what data to collect and examine is just the first step in the process. The real key is knowing what to do with it.

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