All Things New creates immersive design experience with VR

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“The design-build process is the process that we use to take us from design all the way to construction,” said All Things New President Richie Breaux. “It’s very important to establish your target budget, and then we go through a process of schematic drawings, development, construction drawings, and then construction.”

In the design lounge, customers can look at every detail of their future home, including square footage, flooring, and even backsplashes. Unlike most firms, however, All Things New has taken its design planning up a notch.

“We are taking all of our designs and have been able to put them in virtual reality,” said Breaux.

Virtual reality helps homeowners truly feel how their new home will look and function. Seeing your kitchen to scale, for example, is far more immersive and accurate than simply looking at a floor plan. Plus, if you don’t like the way it feels, you can easily make changes.

All Things New created this showroom because they wanted an intimate showroom where they could bring homeowners during the pandemic.

“We wanted a place where we could go through design methods and really communicate design,” said Breaux. “During that phase, we want to be able to not only communicate, but we also want to bring the wow factor.”

All Things New is also welcoming architects and interior designers to join them in using this space for clients. Those interested can reach out at or call (808) 230-3385.

For more information:, on Instagram @atnhawaii, or at ATNproductions on YouTube.

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