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Nigeria’s Largest Steel Complex Ready to Open

The country has vast deposits of iron ore, much of it in Kogi State, the same region where Ajaokuta is located.  Transformed into steel, the ore could make other domestic industries, such as construction, far more viable. 

Working to Resuscitate the Debt-crippled Economy of the Gambia

President Adama Barrow has presented his three-year NDP for 2018-2021 and it has gained international support, with the EU committing $140 million in grants. 

Using the Internet of Things to Accelerate Industrialisation in Africa

Africa’s slow-paced journey towards inclusive growth has been as a result of self-sabotage from both leaders and followers, and an unpopular factor, data. 

United Nations Development Programme Looks at How to Curb Extremism in the Sahel

The agency believes that remote areas in poor nations need far more investment to undercut recruitment by militant armed groups, in a shift from development policies focused most on cities. 

Keeping an Eye on Johannesburg’s Construction Plans

Gauteng province’s department of infrastructure development has launched a fleet of drones that will be used monitor building projects including those in and around Johannesburg. 

Celebrating Excellence in Banking and Finance on the African Continent

Winners of the 2018 African Banker Awards have been announced and East Africa dominated the awards this year. 

Nigeria’s Big Clean-up Initiative is Underway

For decades multi-national companies and the Nigerian government have earned billions of dollars in oil revenues. But oil exploration often led to exploitation of local communities and damage to the environment. 

Appetite for Automanufacturing in Africa

As economies, incomes, and personal consumption grow, there is clearly significant opportunity for growth in vehicle purchases. If African nations and regions take the necessary steps to locally industrialize automobile production. 

At the Forefront of Africa’s Next Oil Boom

Gabon’s government has partnered with agricultural giant Olam to set up the largest palm oil plantation in Africa — over 82,000 hectares. The move promises to generate thousands of jobs, millions in revenue — and some serious controversy. 

Sierra Leone Appoints its First Chief Innovation Officer

At 31, Moinina David Sengeh’s appointment marks a shift in how Africa is addressing the idea of solving the continent’s myriad of problems with innovation and innovative thinkers. 

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