Advisory Committees for Pāʻia-Haʻikū and South Maui Approved on First Reading

Pāʻia Park. File photo: County of Maui.

The Maui County Council approved a proposed bill on first reading that seeks to establish advisory committees to the Maui Planning Commission for the Kīhei-Mākena and Pāʻia-Haʻikū community plan areas.

The bill was tailored after the Hāna Advisory Committee to the Maui Planning Commission that has been in operation since 1989, and advises the Commission on matters within its jurisdiction of the East Maui Community Plan area. 

The proposed bill authorizes the advisory committees to: 

  • Provide recommendations to the Commission, 
  • Hold public hearing on behalf of the Commission, 
  • Carry out such duties as assigned by the Commission. 

“Some have raised concerns that advisory committees may extend the review process of planning permits,” said Molina.  “If implemented properly the functions of the advisory committees could replace certain duties of the Commission and remove any duplication in the processing of permits.” 

The bill will also revise the appointment process to the advisory committees, with the council nominating and approving five members and the Mayor appointing two members. 

“I believe the revised appointment procedure will make the process more transparent and more representative of the communities,” said Molina. 

“I envision the advisory committees will increase government transparency, build a healthier understanding of the entitlement process, heighten public awareness and help residents manage growth within their neighborhoods,” said Molina. 

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