Advantages of Article Marketing

As society evolves, we develop and think of new products. And as new products come to the market, we need to think of better ways to sell them. Thanks to the Internet, everything is different nowadays than it was 50 years ago, for example. This has caused new types of marketing to arise.

Regular marketing is pretty straightforward. You choose a product and define a specific sector of the population to target. Then, you simply make traditional ads. They can come in TV commercials, sponsoring famous people or through printed publicity. You enhance the main features of your product directly. And the result is usually increased sales. You openly and simply state what is good about your product.

However, markets are harder every day and marketing needs to find new ways to promote products. And article marketing is one of the cleverest marketing ideas. If you want to learn everything about article marketing, continue reading.

Article marketing consists in conveying the features of a product or service in a more subtle way. Let’s take a look at an example.

Imagine that your company developed a new car that is incredibly safe. Safety is the car’s main feature. If you wanted to use traditional marketing, the process would be very simple. You could just print flyers that announce that the car is safe. Make commercials of the car crashing and the passengers getting out like nothing happened. You get the idea. Directly telling the potential customers that the care is safe. However, article marketing can help you make a more powerful point. With article marketing, you would include on your website an article that talks about car crashes. Some statistics of hoy many people have accidents and die because their car was not safe enough. Maybe even mention specific parts of a car that tend to fail during an accident. And then, after the customer is acquainted with the idea, you just finish the article by slightly talking about your car. This strategy gives the impression that the article is about safety rather than about the car. And when people encounter subtle marketing, they tend to be more open to consider buying something.

So, as you can see, article marketing consists on, literally, writing articles to promote your products. This very ingenious form of marketing has a lot of benefits, as you are about to see.

Now that you understand what exactly is article marketing, is time for you to learn its advantages. Naturally, there are many benefits to every type of marketing. However, these are some of the most relevant:

  • Article marketing can be cheaper than traditional marketing: Article marketing is usually done by a team of people. Some make creative decisions, some write the articles and some pay attention to statistics to know if the articles are working. However, article marketing is still way cheaper than filming a TV commercial. Due to their nature, TV commercials are expensive to film and then expensive to show. TV still charges a lot of money per second on air. Contrastingly, articles are posted on websites and wrote for just a few dollars.
  • Articles can touch deeper issues: The problem with commercials or printed publicity is how much content you can get in them. A printed flyer just contains one still picture. And TV commercials are very rarely longer than a minute. While they both have impacting effects, they can’t really explain a lot. In a commercial or a picture, you have to focus on single idea. On the other hand, articles can talk about some issues in a deeper way. Retaking on the safe car example, here is the difference between traditional marketing and article marketing. A commercial could just showcase how the care is safe. It could even mention the manufacturing process or safety specifications. But the article can really appeal to people’s emotions. Reading a 1000-words-long article about car safety is bound to compel you more to buy a safe car than a 30-seconds commercial.
  • Articles can even attract more traffic to your website: A great secondary advantage of articles for marketing is that they draw traffic. Usually, the main purpose of the articles are to discuss about the features of your product or service. However, as articles usually discuss a topic in useful and informative manner, they can attract traffic to your website. Let’s use once again the safe car example. Someone who is already interested in buying your car can fin the articles about safety very helpful. However, there are people who are just interested in car safety. If they search for information online and they arrive at your article, you will have new traffic. And if after reading the article they become interested on your car, you will have new potential customers. Naturally, this never happens with traditional marketing as not many people search the Internet for “safe cars TV commercials”.

You should know that articles are the main focus of article marketing. However, some companies use the same channels and people they use for articles for other things. Some of the most common variations of article marketing are:

  • Informative articles for websites.
  • Experiential articles for blogs.
  • Formal articles for press releases.
  • Short and light articles for massive e-mail distribution.
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