Adopt a Humpback Whale or Bottlenose Dolphin To Fund Research & Conservation

He‘e Nalu, a bottlenose dolphin, is one of several marine animals available for adoption through the Pacific Whale Foundation to fund research, education and conservation efforts. Photo Courtesy: Pacific Whale Foundation

Are you passionate about marine animals and helping to protect the ocean that sustains all life?

The nonprofit Pacific Whale Foundation (PFW) has redesigned its adoption program of humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins or endangered false killer whales, with all proceeds going to the research, education and conservation efforts.

PWF’s research team has assembled an impressive database of animals studied over the years, many of which are currently available to adopt. There’s He‘e Nalu, a bottlenose dolphin often spotted bow-riding near PWF research vessels. Or perhaps Bailey, the South Pacific humpback whale consistently observed with a calf in tow? You might find yourself drawn instead to Big John, a member of a population of false killer whales currently listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

For an initial adoption donation of $80, you’ll receive an information packet on your adopted animal, certificate of adoption and other cool items reflective of your adoptee. Continue donating $80 annually to receive ongoing updates about your adoptee, sighting reports, insider access to PWF research activities and exclusive invitations to virtual events and presentations on ocean conservation.

It’s a green, clean and plastic-free way to express your love of ocean wildlife while being part of a growing movement to protect fragile marine ecosystems.

For more information on PWF’s Adoption program or to view available animals, visit

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