AARP Hawaiʻi offering free webinar: ‘Caregiver Tips I wish I had known’

AARP Hawai’i is offering a free webinar April 5 about caregiver tips by registered nurse Annette Kam, author of “WAIT – Don’t Die Yet.” Photo Courtesy: Annette Kam

AARP Hawaiʻi is offering a free webinar on April 5 called “Caregiver Tips: I wish I had known.”

The webinar features Annette Kam, an author, family caregiver and registered nurse who will share her two-year struggle and lessons learned after her in-laws died.

Kam’s loved ones had a will and advanced care directives. She thought they were prepared for their passing. But Kam soon learned that there’s a lot more to death and after-death planning than many people think about or are aware of. Things like knowing passwords to computers and phones; what keys were on a keychain; and what doors or locks did they open. She did not think about them until it was too late.

Kam wrote a book about her experiences, “WAIT – Donʻt Die Yet!,” which is available free for download. It covers the basics of what you need to do to get your affairs in order, while also teaching you the mundane tasks you must complete in or around the time of death.

Kam said her book helps caregivers and loved ones deal with the practicalities of death while offering the guidance needed to make sure you have time to grieve.

Register for the webinar at or the AARP Hawaiʻi Facebook page and click on Upcoming Events to see all the events AARP offers.

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