A Talk With Social Media Pros #4 – ART + marketing

How did you get into social media marketing?

I began my career in social media marketing after completing college at the University of Miami and taking my first job at HBO Latin America.

It was a great time because social media was booming and I was able to contribute a lot to my team members who were lacking expertise in social media marketing. We launched social media pages and campaigns for television series such as Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and True Blood for the Latin America Market.

I have always been fascinated by how social media allows me to continually learn about consumers’ passion or lack thereof towards a certain brand, or product or service.

Fast forward to today, I’m working at a social media advertising agency, Likeable, in New York City. It is so exciting to help improve a brands presence on social media channels — and really use the channel to amplify the brand. Moreover, working at a social media advertising agency continues to challenge me to stay up to speed with social media trends, product updates, and innovation in the space to improve our brands’ social media presence.

What is the most underrated social media platform for you? Why?

I think brands have the room to test and leverage more advertising on Instagram Stories for storytelling. With IG stories, you can share your brand’s narrative with behind the scenes information that will make your audience stick with you and follow you throughout your stories.

by Callie Morgan on Unsplash

There is also an opportunity to drive traffic to your brand’s website by letting your audience discover more about you. Instagram stories are constantly incorporating new tools and enhancements to help engage further with the audience. IG stories can be very cost effective — as long they are fun, creative and engaging.

Plus, their new IGTV app integration allows you to extend your long-form video strategy. If you already have a presence on Instagram, the opportunity on this platform to be creative is huge and my opinion not fully realized. Having more than 400M users engaging with these IG stories is a good reason to be in it.

What’s a tip anybody could do right now to be better in social media?

I would suggest learning about your audience and studying what makes them a fan/follower.

Test and learn content types to learn what resonates best with your audience.

Think mobile and serve your audience on the platform that fits your target. Optimize your content based on top performing content and don’t feel afraid to continue testing and learning and trying new ideas and formats and approaches.

Follow social media news and stay informed about and up to date with the emerging and ever-changing social media platform updates and trends.

Surprise and delight them as the new solutions continue to evolve.

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