A Business Management degree

Where is the real world? For some, it’s found in college. You may know a B.A. can lead to a much higher salary. But when you pursue a Business Management degree, you’ll find the real world long before you’re handed your diploma.

Mentors, networks, and internships that connect you to the business world

In an undergraduate business program, you’ll find yourself in the real world in two ways. First, examples and methods from the business world come into your classroom. Second, you’ll leave the classroom to learn in real businesses. Here’s how:

Mentors help you launch your career: You may be interested in business management or business administration but not know exactly what career you want to pursue. In a business program, you won’t need to figure it out on your own. Your professors will be mentors who have likely had successful careers in business before deciding to teach. This experience informs their instruction. You’re connected to the real world even as you take lecture notes.

Their practical experience also makes them ideal mentors. As they identify your interests and your strengths, they can help you identify your calling.

Your business faculty also know how to help you reach your goals. At some business schools, you build your career path throughout your time in the program, starting from day one. Your mentors help you carefully prepare your individual plan in light of your developing sense of your goals and your calling.

They’ll help you consider your fit for specific managerial roles, such as:

  • Human resources manager
  • Project manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • Administrative manager

They can offer advice on the minors and supporting programs as well, such as:

Real world experience in the classroom: Professors and others in a business program will likely be well connected to many individuals and companies. Networking with contacts, perhaps even your future employer, begins in college.

Internships and jobs: In a business management or business administration program, you’ll also have opportunities for jobs and internships. You’ll step out of the classroom into actual businesses, where you’ll gain experience and contacts and learn more about where you’ll best fit.

The real world in the full sense

If you can find the real world at college, does it matter where your college is? It’s true that even a management program at a rural or suburban college will have connections to employers. Typically, though, an urban college will offer vastly more opportunities. If you’re considering a business management degree, look into programs in the city.

Also, as a Christian, you know that the real world is God’s world. Whether you’re called to the ministry or called to a secular vocation, your call comes from God. So, if you want to serve Christ faithfully in the world, consider a business management degree at an urban Christian college. There, you’ll gain biblical and theological knowledge. Your business professors won’t only teach you practical skills—they’ll teach you to think and act in management in ways that honor Christ. They’ll know the real world in the full sense of the term.

Are you ready?

If you’re ready to put ideas into action, work toward tangible results, and gain the experience and relationships you need to thrive in your career, then consider a business management degree. You won’t be putting off the real world. You’ll be stepping into it from day one of your freshman year.

North Central University offers business degrees in downtown Minneapolis, where you’ll find one of the nation’s . We’re a Christian university in the heart of the city. Our business professors are well-connected to local business leaders, and our students and graduates have gained experience or found careers with General Mills, 3M, Target, and other industry leaders.Contact us to learn more about how our business programs bring practical experience and scriptural wisdom together.

A Business Management degree: experience the real world before you even graduate

May 23, 2018 @ 12:00 pm by North Central

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