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9 Easy Ways to Market Your Dance Studio

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You have a wonderful dance studio and all you need is students. Here are nine easy ways to market your dance studio and fill your classes.

1. Market your brand

Be sure your logo is consistent on all of your social media pages and anything you mail to potential customers. If it is not consistent, you may cause confusion and lose potential customers. Consistent branding is a simple thing that many people sometimes forget to do. Update all of your websites and stationary.

2. Online registration

Online registration is easy to set up and easy to use. Parents will appreciate being able to register their children when they have a quick five minute break. Rather than limiting parents to a couple of registration nights, let them register online at their connivance.

3. Flyers

You can post around the town and take them to places where potential clients hang out. Do you see parents at the local coffee shop? Talk to the owner and ask if you can leave your flyers there. Offer to display the coffee shop’s business cards or menu at your studio. Also, be sure to hit the local library and schools. Your regular students may also be willing to spread the word. Hand them a flyer to show their parents. Their parents may spread the word amongst their friends.

4. Open houses

You should have open houses to promote a new dance season. You can vary your open houses by day and time. Have some daytime open houses with your instructors available to give some demonstrations and answer some questions. Be sure to promote your open house with flyers and online. That way people who have questions know they can register their children and have their questions answered at an open house,

5. Collaboration

You can collaborate with other companies that are related to dance. For example, Arthur Murray NYC has teamed up with the shoe company Paoul. You can contact different companies and see what they can offer your studio. They will get free advertising and you may end up with some free giveaway swag or reduced cost shoes.

6. Be active in your community

If your community hosts a local event, be sure you are seen there. Get in touch with your local chamber of commerce or even stop by city hall. They can tell you what events will be happening and when. Be sure to have a couple of dance groups show off their talent to the community. If you can register people there even better. If not, be sure to pass out flyers and business cards to potential students and their parents.

7. Set up a referral program

Referrals are a win-win situation with you and your students. You can set up a program where established students can refer their friends and receive a free dance lesson or a new pair of shoes. You can offer whatever incentive you think your students would enjoy. This way the incoming students already know about your classes and they have a friend to dance with.

8. Offer free classes

You can offer a free class to anyone at any time and they can experience the class and hopefully get hooked on the class. You may want to limit your free classes to certain times in the year, or you may want to just include new students. The broader your scope the more inclusive the offer will be and the more students you will attract.

9. Postcards

You should use postcards to remind students to register and to invite new students into your studio. You can get a direct mailing list from your local schools or ask your current students to give you the mailing information of five friends who may be interested in enrolling in your dance classes. Direct mail gets your studio name out into the community and will bring you more students.

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