8 Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your E-Store Sales

In this digital era, the age of Information, most of the brands have gone online to either make their products available on leading e-Commerce platforms or have created their own dedicated online stores. Also, the trends of marketing have changed considerably and there is a major focus on Social Media advertising and various other promotional campaigns that involve regular use of social media. With more and more number of individuals joining these social media platforms day by day, it has become a place where a maximum number of potential customers are present.

Hence, any brand or an e-store would like to boost its sales by utilizing this opportunity in the best possible way to ensure maximum benefit. Let’s have a look at some of the major strategies that can be deployed to boost the sales of an e-store by using social media.

How much do you know about social media marketing

Over the past few years, the digital and social media marketing in India has increased drastically. This social media marketing has helped in attracting, engaging and transacting its customers. Social media marketing also helps to launch the business over a larger area as a single message or a post that can reach thousands of people at once.

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5 reasons why it would be better to select social media for marketing

• User-friendly: social media marketing is a user-friendly approach both for the clients and the customers.
• Time friendly: this reduces the time involved in establishing and advertising the products and also decreases the time of customers as they need not visit many stores for the products they have been looking for.
• Budget-friendly: it is a budget-friendly approach.
• Direct contact: social media marketing allows direct contact between the manufacturer or dealers and the customers.
• This is really very handy for people planning to start small-scale businesses.

3 main objectives for many to select social media for marketing
The main objectives of selecting social media for marketing purposes are as follows:

• To create awareness
• Build a community
• Engage with customers

Top 5 digital platforms available for marketing
Many social media sites are available for marketing. Few of the available social networks are as follows:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
• Pinterest
• Linkedln
• Youtube

The ever-changing culture and the enhanced digitalization, has made people more prone to get into the digital market to feature their products or advertise their versions on to public via portals. With the ease of addressing a huge number of people at once with a single click, social media marketing has now become a trending option for the online market. With the fact that cell phone has been growing and continues to be an important medium for many companies, more than 70% of the brands have mobile apps and mobile user-friendly websites.

Customer acquisition through Social Media

• People are advertising on the web, public and mobile, and getting visitors or traffic across programs by cross-linking various systems to attract customers to their electronic touch factors.

• Brands are also looking to create powerful material such as storytelling, competitions and to create strong material supplements, where product name, product reasons are effectively interspersed to drive customers to electronic and public networking programs.

• This comes with posting material such as industry trends and other neat places to see to their customers, as opposed to only product and service-related information.

Key challenges faced by people marketing through social media
The top-three difficulties experienced for marketing a product on social networking are:

• Retaining or improving involvement rates,
• Article writing and
• Calculating efficiency

What is Magento and How is it useful?

Magento is a simple e-commerce platform that enables online merchants to market and sell their products. Magento is one of the most attractive tools used to develop an online mart. In addition to the wonderful e-commerce platform, Magento also offers its customers with marketing strategies, search engine optimization, catalog-management tools etc. Hence it is very much advised to have the support of the Magento Development service personals to get a better grip on the online market and business. Hiring a Magento Developer is not the ultimate task, there are some other activities to be done on your website to grab more customers into your portfolio.

Here are 8 Social media marketing Tips to Boost your E-Store Sales:

• Regular updates to the Customers: The foremost advice to boost sales via social media is to update the content daily. Notify the users/customers of the latest arrivals and trendy products available. Give them the chance to have a wider range of selection on to the products.

• Sending Notification through emails: Make sure the customers are retained on the portal, make them turn to your portal by sending frequent emails about the sales and products available. At times flash sale announcement would deliver a great audience base. Try to send customer-specific and customer-centric product notifications.

• Create Communities and run Contests: Creating communities is one of the best solutions to address the customer-specific problems. Communities help the like-minded and like-fashioned people gather under one roof and discuss the products. Running contests is one of the simple ways to grab customer’s attention. Gift the contestants with your premium products, making the customers get back to your website to get the products once again.

• Owe the customers with free rewards: It sometimes makes the customers retain back on to your portal when a crunch of the bill is given in the form of cash-back or free coupon.

• Use VR and GIF videos to display your products: Some products make more fans through its appearance rather the quality and cost. VR images are one of the trending technologies that happen to create a better impression of the product over the customers. Gif videos enable the users to the overview of the product in just a few seconds rather than spending minutes on the videos.

• Create backlinks amidst the content of the social network: Customers sometimes get redirected/get attracted to the contrasting content. Giving information about products which are merely off-content would likely make the customers tune regularly over your e-store.

• Use basic discount pop-ups: While surfing the portal blink few pop-ups that display the discounted products and the percentage of discount over them. This strategy is quite common in any website but yes this is a very good way to hold the customer base on a website.

• Encourage the customers to “refer their buddies”: Run some referral bonus rewards that create additional customers to the portal from the branch of existing customers. Initialize the referral process through the social media page which redirects the customers to your official e-store page.

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