6 Essential Tips to Optimise Your Social Media Marketing

Social media is a very useful tool for marketers, but only if used correctly. Simply posting on Facebook or Twitter without a proper strategy won’t yield the results you want.

One way around that is to partner with experts, like a Facebook marketing agency or Twitter specialist. However, if doing so is not an option, it’s important to keep the following key tips in mind. They’ll help you transform a failing campaign into one that stands out among the competition.

Use Hashtags

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all allow users to reach other users interested in a given topic by adding hashtags to their posts.

Of course, for the most part, the hashtags you choose to include should be relevant to your business. You can leverage some popular general hashtags like “#MondayMotivation” and “#WednesdayWisdom” to reach a wide audience, but you should primarily focus on using ones that will help you reach the kind of people most likely to take an interest in your business.

Research what types of hashtags other marketers in your field use; you can simply follow the social media accounts of your competitors to get ideas.

In some cases, it might also be worthwhile to leverage a popular topic by adding a trending hashtag to a post, even if it doesn’t directly relate to your brand. These posts will usually be spontaneous, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling them according to strict guidelines. In general, using hashtags is a simple way to spread brand awareness and join in a conversation.

Maintain a Social Media Calendar

Consistency is very important when marketing on social media, so you want to ensure you’re posting according to a regular schedule. Maintaining a social media calendar helps. By scheduling posts ahead of time, you can automate your social media marketing campaigns. This also gives you more time to develop strong content worth sharing. You can easily create a calendar for each month in Microsoft Excel or a similar program.

Test Different Posting Schedules

Knowing you have to maintain a regular schedule when posting on social media is one thing. Knowing exactly what that schedule should be is something else entirely.

The fact of the matter is, best practices change over time. Additionally, what works for one business won’t necessarily work for another.

That’s why it’s important to experiment with different posting schedules to determine exactly how often you should be sharing content on the various social media platforms you have accounts for. Track metrics like post engagement and conversions to get a better sense of whether a particular schedule is performing reliably.

Test Different Posting Times

Finding the right time during the day to post on social media is another task that becomes easier when you test different strategies. By tracking which posts have more shares and higher click-through rates than others, you can better understand when the ideal time to post content tends to be.

Like any form of marketing, social media marketing campaigns are typically more successful when you A/B test various approaches. Instead of relying on generic guidelines, find out what works best for your brand.

Use Multiple Platforms

Don’t restrict yourself to one social media platform. Each offers its own unique set of benefits. Facebook, with approximately 2.19 billion active monthly users, lets you reach a large potential audience. Instagram is helpful if you want to share image-based ads that blend in seamlessly with a user’s feed. Snapchat, meanwhile, offers unparalleled access to the Millennial market, while LinkedIn is useful for marketing a B2B company.

Using different platforms makes it easier to reach numerous potential customers. It also gives you the chance to experiment with different forms of marketing content.

While a simple image will be ideal for Instagram, a longer article on a subject related to your industry is going to be more effective on LinkedIn. By working on several platforms, you can find out which types of content work best for your organization.

Include Multimedia

Video and images help you capture a potential customer’s attention more effectively than you would by relying on mere text alone. Most people don’t even finish articles they read online. If you want to reach audiences and make an impression, you need a dynamic alternative to text-based content.

Videos can help you share important information with your followers. That said, images can also be informative. If you’re trying to convey a lot of information efficiently, an infographic is sometimes a more appealing option than simple text alone.


Keep in mind, social media marketing is all about experimenting with different approaches. Again, the strategy that works for one brand won’t always be as successful for another. These general tips will absolutely help improve your campaigns; monitor them closely, and you’ll enjoy the best results possible.

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