6 common social media marketing mistakes you might be doing

One of the best ways to up your digital marketing is by using social media. Millions of people have social media accounts in one platform or another.

However, as great as social media is for marketing, some people still don’t understand how to be successful in using that platform.

Here are common mistakes that people do when it comes to social media marketing:

Not Committing to Using Social Media for Digital Marketing

Don’t think of social media as a platform only for teenagers and tech-savvy people. An increasing number of individuals from different age groups are creating social media accounts.

Radio and television are no longer your only options for reaching a wide audience. Social media can reach a broader audience than what those two could.

Whatever your business is, you need to have a social media presence. Even law firms are finding a place in the online world. The guide shows some of the most effective digital marketing strategies for law firms.

The next time you want to make an ad, consider creating one for your social media platforms. Don’t just sign-up just for the sake of it. Social media is not a bonus contact where your customers may reach you. Use it as an avenue for a better marketing strategy.

Not Having a Social Media Strategy

Spontaneity and unpredictability create fun during travels or adventures. However, not having a plan and going rogue on your social media marketing won’t result in positive things at the end of the day.

Having a detailed plan will help you determine at which aspects of marketing you lack so you can improve. Let’s say your website isn’t very high on the search engine ranking, which is very important to a business as stated in because it increases visitors and sales. If people can’t see your website when they search for it, you can use social media to give them direct links on the pages they want to find.

Your social media strategy should include specific goals, a social media calendar, policies, budget, tone of voice, etc. These particular points in your plan will help you properly execute your social media marketing campaign.

Creating an Account on Every Social Media Platform at Once

There are plenty of social media platforms that have been developed, and we can expect more to come. If you decided to use social media as an avenue for digital marketing, that’s good. However, take it slow. Only create multiple accounts if you are sure that you can handle all of them.

Keeping track of your marketing efforts is essential. If you have too many than you can handle, problems will arise. You won’t be able to post unique and engaging content regularly and consistently, and you will get overloaded with the responsibilities.

Focusing on the Quantity, Not the Quality of the Followers

Gaining millions of followers on any social media account is undoubtedly impressive. It’s helpful in establishing trust with potential customers because if they see that you have lots of followers, it automatically makes them think you must be a good company.

Focus on gaining genuine followers instead of paying for fake accounts. Those counterfeit followers you have won’t increase your sales. They won’t even help in building more connections who share the same ideals and goals as you. It’s crucial that you keep all of your engagements genuine. The message you want to deliver or the products and services you promote will reach actual people, not just ghost followers or bots.

Not Engaging in Conversations

The very purpose of social media is to be “social,” so it only makes sense that you interact with your followers. Responding to their comments, messages, or inquiries helps in forming stronger relationships with them. Being witty, helpful, and genuine is vital.

If you ignore your followers’ reactions on your posts or messages, you’re only building a negative reputation. One negative post on how unresponsive or rude you are can instantly go viral and influence the perception of your other followers, which is not good for your company.

You want to be known for positive reasons, such as for being funny, witty, on trend, and responsive.

Skipping Proofreading

Content on social media is permanent, so making errors, especially those that significantly impact the meaning of your post, will haunt your brand name.

Even if you manage to delete the post, if someone from anywhere around the globe already took a screenshot of your post, you’ll be forced to do some damage control.

Some errors may not be terrible, but it’s still important to always proofread. However, using the wrong word or the lack of proper punctuation can alter the meaning of your whole sentence. People might interpret it differently, and the next moment you’re going viral for insensitive or false claims. This is why proofreading is essential.

Social media is an incredibly useful tool for any business or brand. It is a platform for building loyal followers and customers as well as increasing returns on investments.

If you use it correctly, then it can mean positive results for you. Avoid the above mistakes, so social media doesn’t end up hurting your business in the worst of ways.


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