5 ways email marketing can uplift SEO results

As a marketer, you associate SEO with things like keyword research, site links, and SERPs. But have you ever thought of how email marketing can help you boost your site’s performance in terms of SEO? Well, marketing emails are not ranked by search engines. Their goal is to get opens and click-through and not to boost your site’s SEO.

Recent research revealed that 51 percent of people discover new sites through emails. It is, therefore, worth considering how you can leverage those new site visits not just for the one-off click-through, but for excellent traffic that can boost your site’s ranking on search engines.

Here are ways of using email marketing to support your site’s SEO.

Built more social network signals

Though Google and other search engines never admit it publicly, the social activity associated with a link affects its ranking on Google significantly. According to a recent survey, among the 23 million post shares, the first four ranking positions on Google are the ones with the largest number of shares, like, and other activities on Google+ and Facebook. Thus, social signals are an essential part of any SEO strategy that many marketers are unaware of.

Encouraging your audience to share your content on social platforms is challenging. However, if you have an email list, this task is easy. Every time you publish a new post in your blog, consider sending a newsletter to your loyal subscribers asking to share the content.

You can also include social sharing buttons in all the emails you send to them. That makes content sharing more convenient for your audience.

Minimise bounce rates

A site’s bounce is an important aspect that factors into Google and other search engines ranking. It determines whether or not a site provides relevant to its users. Whenever your website user lands on any page and leaves immediately and doesn’t bother to check any other page, that session is perceived as a bounce.

If your content (blog posts) and your site’s landing pages generate high bounce rate, Google and other search engines will rank it lower in SERPs no matter how well you have optimised your content for search engines. One of the most effective ways of avoiding this is by creating high-quality and relevant content and keeping your site visitors engaged.

According to professional digital marketers, it’s essential to have an email list of your site users who have already shown interest in your site’s content. You can always send a reminder to these subscribers whenever you publish a new post thus generating excellent traffic to your site. This can reduce your bounce rate significantly.

Build an online email archive

Most businesses and bloggers craft unique email newsletters to keep their loyal subscribers engaged. What they don’t know is that these emails can easily get forgotten within a short time. There is an effective way to repurpose these emails and boost your site’s SEO.

It’s easy to create an online archive of all your email newsletters and let your site users browse your past emails. This is a great strategy that enables you to make the most of your content creation efforts. You can also convert your emails into PDF files and keep them on your website in the archive section. This will boost the chances of getting your email newsletters indexed on search engines.

Request your audience to leave product reviews

If you run a store or a business that targets a local audience, then, enhancing your local search ranking is as important as your site’s SEO. Moz asserts that the quality and the number of reviews any business has impacts about 13% of its local search rankings. One of the easy ways to get many and high-quality reviews for your products and business is to request your loyal audience to leave feedback (reviews) after interacting with your products.

Whenever you send an email to your subscribers, include a link to your detailed Google My Business page and request your audience to review and rate your business. You can also use this tactic to get reviews for all your product pages, and landing pages on your site.

Produce excellent content

Having an email list is more than about sending promotional campaigns and driving sales. It’s a platform that offers you detail information about your site users.

For instance, you can utilise email list segments to create different groups of your site users to understand the interests, location, job titles, gender, level of education, and other details related to your subscribers. It’s also possible to conduct polls and surveys to learn what your audience needs and the questions they are asking.

These details are an indispensable tool when it comes to creating better content and videos that can attract new site users and also offers the solution to what your audience is looking for. Better content increases a site’s traffic and reduces bounce rate, all which point to better ranking on search engine results pages.

The bottom line is…

Think of email marketing as an effective way of connecting the relevant audience with your excellent content. Google and other search engines are becoming smarter and better at separating relevant content from poor content.

SEO is increasingly becoming a matter of generating relevant and high-quality content. In such an environment, email marketing can put your content in front of the right audience and eliminate guesswork.

Author’s Bio:

Catherine Park is a connector with Caffeinated who help businesses find their audience online. She loves working in the ever-changing world of digital and is fascinated by the role content plays in today’s marketing.

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