5 Real Estate Marketing Tips to Boost Business During Downtime

When it comes to real estate, time is money and money is time. Every wasted minute is a potential dollar out of your pocket. When you’re not in the field showing homes, meeting with clients, closing deals, or during downtime you can find great opportunities to set yourself up for success in the long run. During this time, switch to a marketing mindset, focus on lead generation tools and content that “plant seeds” and “set-up dominoes for the future.

The real estate marketing tips below will enhance your branding, strengthen your reputation by building credibility, increase lead generation, and elevate organic traffic through valuable, relevant content.

Five Lead Generation Seeds To Plant During Slow Season

1. Create opt-in offers: Newsletters, Checklists/Worksheets, Resource List

Opt-in offers will help you generate leads by allowing prospects to view or download content in exchange for their contact information.

Some opt-in examples include:

Having difficulties thinking of ideas? Consider frequently asked questions that you encounter and create content that answer them. What are some real estate tips everyone should know about? Consumers look for answers to their questions online. You’ll want your opt-in to answer those questions and when they do, they’ll convert into your lead.

2. Start Conversations:  Comment on Facebook

If you have two minutes of downtime or two hours, leaving comments on Facebook for prospects can fit into anyone’s schedule. To initiate your conversation starter strategy, begin by 

  • Use your network – Identity prospects in your network that are getting new jobs or promotions, getting married, having babies, or moving.  These are behaviors that indicate a potential home buyer.  Congratulate and build rapport with them to convert them into your lead by commenting on their post.
  • Facebook groups – Join a neighborhood, community, or local Facebook group.  They’re filled with prospects looking for answers and solutions to their heartaches.  Type “Neighborhood watch groups near me” or “community groups near me” in the Facebook search bar to find relevant groups.
  • Use keywords or phrases – Type, “Real estate in {YOUR CITY}”, “Homes for sale in {YOUR CITY}”, “Buying a home {YOUR CITY}”, “Selling a home {YOUR CITY}”.  Focus on the Posts from Friends and Public Posts sections, which will show the relevant posts in and outside of your network, respectively.

Leave comments on posts that are relevant to you with the intent of helping or providing value. It’s like that saying, “You attract more bees with honey than vinegar”, you attract more leads with service than sales.  Whether you’re providing information with the content on your website, answer questions, clearing up misconceptions, or sharing recommendations; leaving comments on Facebook is a great way to start a conversation to grow your network, spread your brand, and establish expertise in the market.

3. Set Up Social Media and Email Marketing Automation

You can’t predict when business will pick up again, so it’s important to establish an automated schedule for content. Setting up future posts will help you maintain an online presence while you’re in the field. Set it and forget it. Think of content that you’ll want to post or send in the future and create them.

Examples of automated social media and email automation content:

4. Update Your Website, Facebook, and Email Campaigns

As you already know, the real estate industry is volatile. As your real estate career evolves, you and your business will change. With all the paperwork that goes along with a new brokerage, you might not have time to keep the information on your website up-to-date. 

Use your downtime to update your:

  • Biography, Designations, Brokerage information, 
  • Milestones, Testimonials, Achievements 
  • Listing Statuses, Lead Statuses, Email Campaigns, Database Groups
  • Blog, Buyers page, Sellers, Page, Local Business page, Services page

5. Create Video Content With Your Smartphone

Creating a promotion video that includes your elevator speech can accelerate the “like, know, trust” factors because video is the next best thing to being in the room with someone. Try to keep your videos short, under 1-minute.

30 second Video ideas include:

  • A promo video/commercial
  • Your elevator speech
  • An introduction video about yourself
  • A follow-up video about you and how the lead found you
  • A local market video about your favorite places in the area.

The five real estate marketing tips above are actionable and can be implemented during the slow season or downtime. Plant your seeds and set up your dominoes today!  Your future self will thank you because you’ll have a chain of value all ready in place. Unlike the agents that wasted their time, you’ll be out in the field closing deals, building momentum, and making money instead of scrambling to maintain your online presence during the busy season.

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