5 Forgotten Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

5 Forgotten Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

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With the introduction of the Internet, many businesses began to utilize online marketing to advertise their goods and services. While some still continue to utilize other marketing techniques, there are some strategies that have been all but forgotten.

Believe it or not, these strategies still offer an effective way of marketing for small businesses. What are these marketing strategies and how do they work? Well, you will find the answers to these questions below.

Weekly Paper Ads

Many top companies continue to market their products through weekly paper ads. In these ads, you will find discounted and new products that the companies are offering. These ads are capable of reaching consumers in the same area where the businesses are located.

If you own a small business, you can also benefit from weekly paper ads. Finding local consumer addresses is as simple as taking advantage of the Yellow Pages. While you will be responsible for postage, you could gain hundreds of new customers each month.

Paper Flyer Distribution

Paper flyers is a great way to . This form of advertising is not only affordable, but also very effective. The key to drawing customers to your products and services is to utilize an eye-catching design. And remember, consumers are always on the lookout for bargains and sales.

Promotional Materials

Have you ever signed a document utilizing a pen with a company logo? Well, many companies advertise their brand through promotional materials, such as pens, shaker bottles, hats, shirts and key chains. All of these items are to be distributed among the community in hopes that it will draw customers to your business.


There are a long that hold contests routinely to draw in new clients. These contests offer consumers nationwide opportunity to compete and win prizes. This old-fashioned form of marketing is still just as effective today as it was 10 years ago. The contest does not need to be massive to be effective. In fact, you can hold a coloring contest for children under the age of five and still see success.

Customer Of The Month

A great way to encourage your customer to tell others about your business is a through customer of the month programs. Every month, you will pick a new customer to spotlight on social media, your blog and onsite through plaques.

Some companies find this marketing technique so effective that they offer all their customers an opportunity to become a customer of the month and earn a small monetary reward. You would be surprised by how many new customers this marketing strategy can pull into your business.

In addition to this, customers who win the contest will repay the favor and tell others about your contest.


To get the most out of your marketing plan, it is crucial to utilize a combination of strategies. Along with the above strategies, you should also take . This form of marketing is also very affordable and has proven to be very effective for small brick-and-mortar businesses.

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