3 Strategies to Create Effective Dynamic Videos for Social Media Marketing

Almost all marketers out there are using same or similar digital marketing initiatives to drive traffic, leads and conversions. In other words, every brand on this planet is trying to milk Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for what it’s worth. Enter dynamic videos and three strategies to create them for social media marketing.

Three unique digital marketing strategies can help your businesses stand out from a sea of competitors.

Leverage Dynamic Videos for Developing Thousands of Tailor-made Ads From a Single Asset

As the video marketing industry matures, using run-of-the-mill video style and formats might expose your brand to increased competition.

However, dynamic videos could literally prove to be a digital marketing gold.

Amazingly, these videos can be tailored to audience tastes. Meaning, businesses can create and run thousands of ads focusing on thousands of customer queries.

The best part? You need just need a single asset to create these videos.

1. Use YouTube’s Director Mix Software to Develop Dynamic Videos

Initially launched by Google as Vogan, YouTube’s Director Mix Software is so programmed that marketers can easily create hundreds of thousands of tailored videos for different audience segments using a single asset.

The biggest plus? These videos can be created from your phone itself.

YouTube cites a case study of Campbell’s Soup using Director Mix to run video ads on Netflix during the screening of “Orange Is the New Black.” The video ran with the tagline, “Does your cooking make prison food seem good?” When people were watching Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” music video, Campbell’s ran a similar spot that said, “Dinner for one?”

However, marketers who intend to harness the power of Director Mix should be providing YouTube with all of the required content in terms of copy, voiceover, and the background. This will enable YouTube to create customized ads to match your audience segments’ needs.

2. Fusing CRM Software With Digital Customer Interactions Platforms Takes Customer Experience Up a Notch

To get a 360-degree view of a customer, it’s imperative to integrate your CRM software with your digital customer interaction platforms. These platforms may include Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram and more. Fusing these two tools will allow you to fetch both transactional and conversational data of your customers.

On the one hand, CRM is a central repository of customer data and consists of a wide variety of transactional information, such as a customer’s name, address, purchase history, lifetime value and so on. On the other hand, a digital customer interaction platform enables companies to process large volumes of conversational messages in terms of their conversation history, channel preference, merging of different online identities (Facebook, Instagram…) of the individual users and so on.

If these tools are left to work independently, the CRM software may have the customer’s transactional data, but would lack vital details on the social identity front. Contrarily, the digital customer interactions platforms may have all the social identities and conversational content, but you would still be clueless as to whether the user in question is a customer or not.

By integrating CRM and digital customer interactions platforms, you’d be plugging in the gaps and, in turn, enriching both the platforms. In short, to ensure that no information of the customer is lost, integrating your CRM software with customer interactions platforms is a must.

3. Bet on Data Analytics Service Providers for Better Returns on Your Upcoming Digital Marketing Campaign

Fusing CRM software with digital customer interaction platforms is just one part of the story when it comes to accessing a 360-degree customer view. For better and in-depth customer insights, it’s crucial for businesses to leverage big data analytic tools.

Leveraging big data analytic tools could help your brand nail down the right marketing channels, right keywords, right customers and more importantly, make a success of all of your future marketing campaigns.

In short, you can take the guesswork out of your digital marketing efforts with Big Data.

If you have large amounts of data to be dissected, but don’t have the required capital to go for big data analytics tools, you can hire Data Analytics Service Providers.

For this, you could rope in remote service applications that allow clients to use various analytical tools to run on their data and just pay as per the data volumes processed.

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