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3 Reasons Why I Suck at Instagram Marketing

Three make or break habits for your personal branding

I created a new business account on Instagram in January and I’ve been working on growing my following there ever since.

To my surprise, growing a serious following isn’t quite as easy as giving yourself a shout-out on your main account, you actually have to be good at it.

6 months and 117 followers later, I decided to have a look at what other people in my position are doing, and that’s when it hit me…

I’m doing a LOT wrong

Unlike on my personal Instagram account, these followers aren’t my friends. They won’t engage unless they care about the content. They also don’t know me personally so they’ll need context behind certain photos and captions.

Alas, let’s talk about the 3 main things that I’ve been getting wrong this whole time, then we can work on how to start fixing them.