3 Profitable Niche Marketing Opportunities

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Are you a hungry marketing professional looking to start up your own business? Do you already run a marketing business and are looking for new areas in which to diversify. Perhaps you simply want to learn more about marketing as it’s a field in which you believe you could make a lucrative and rewarding career for yourself. Whatever brought you to this post, we’re going to talk about the importance of niche marketing. As in any business, it’s important for marketing companies to understand the niche in which they operate. They need to understand the psychology of the demographics their clients are trying to appeal to and know what motivates their purchasing decisions. Everything from the language and font used in copy to the color of your call to action can make a huge difference in influencing your target market. But before you can get to work understanding your chosen niche, you must first choose one. Needless to say this is not a decision that should be made arbitrarily. A lot of thought needs to go into which niche will be the best fit for your skill, knowledge and expertise. It also needs to be a niche that offers opportunity for a hungry young agency like yours.

Here are some profitable and / or criminally under explored niches which are rich with opportunities for the right marketeer…


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There are few industries which are well and truly recession proof, but it’s safe to say that for a society to invest in its own future, education is the single most important building block it needs to have in its inventory. Schools tend to have fairly generous budgets allotted to the outsourcing of business to external agencies, but since they’re mostly dealing with public money they can be very discerning in who they trust with it. You can learn more about education marketing at MarketingWorks. Demonstrate that you can offer exceptional value for money by providing an enriching experience for students or teachers and education can be a lucrative nut that’s well worth cracking.

Health and beauty

The health and beauties represent an enormous industry. So vast, in fact, that while it’s pretty far from being untapped there’s plenty of room at the table. The beauty industry alone is worth an estimated $160 billion a year according to Goldman Sachs. The key to cracking this industry is offering consumers as much gain as possible for as little investment of time, effort and energy as possible. People want to look good but they resent being slaves to their routines. Offer them something that can break that cycle and you’re onto a winner.

Fortunately, consumers are savvy to a lot of the sham logic and pseudoscience that goes on within this industry, so if you have a product that genuinely and demonstrably works, they are likely to gravitate to it.


Image Credit: Her Creative Studio

VR and AR

The tech savvy industry will want to look into the marketing of VR and AR solutions for businesses. While many will think of gaming platforms like the Oculus Rift or games like Pokemon Go as the most common domain for VR and AR the technology has a wealth of uses in business from customer service to employee training. Show business the versatility and cost effectiveness of this solution and they’re sure to become early adopters.


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