3 Key Strategies for Driving Growth with Marketing Automation

Once your and you’re ready to start achieving further collaboration and growth through marketing automation, it’s time to strategize!

These 3 key strategies for driving growth with marketing automation will set you on the path to success with your software:

1. Understand Your Audience
When you are creating buyer personas in your marketing automation system, you will first want to ask yourself (and your marketing team): Who is my target audience, buyer, or customer?

After you ask and answer that question, you will want to ask these questions next:

  • What industries am I speaking to?
  • What products am I pushing to my target audience?
  • What is the title or role of the person I am targeting?
  • Is the person I’m targeting a decision-maker at the executive level, influencer at the managerial or director level, or user who typically benefits from this product or service?

When you identify who this person is,  you create more effective lead personas to drive your marketing automation efforts and strategy to the next steps.

Think about these various roles and questions. Consider what a person’s title may imply about their purchase decision ability and behaviors.

Include profile information, and outline the main goals and objectives you have with individuals.

Understand your audience to create effective buyer personas to generate effective email marketing or nurture campaigns to convert marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads to win new customers!

2. Set up Web Tracking and Intelligence
At any given moment, did you know that 97% of your website visitors are invisible?

Since this leaves 3% visible, a strategy you should implement in your organization is to set up web tracking and intelligence so you can turn unknown visitors into known visitors.

In your marketing automation system, you can set up a tracking beacon on your web and landing pages to help make this happen. Use tracking beacons to record data and get information about your visitors.

With marketing automation, you’re always tracking, so be sure you’re leveraging the data you’re gathering as a result of tracking to benefit your business process.

3. Think in Funnels
This is one of the most important strategies you will use with marketing automation!

Thinking in funnels will help you move from the top of the funnel to the middle to the bottom once you consider the three main components of thinking in funnels: Awareness, Interest, and Consideration.

Outline potential pain points and problems as prospects or leads move through your sales funnel. Use your problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to identify ways to address these pain points. 

Provide content that educates your audience about your brand.

With funnels, your goal should always be to increase brand awareness and increase your number of sales-ready leads. 

You should also aim to lower your cost-per-lead by thinking in funnels …

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