20 Advantages of Digital Marketing over Offline Marketing in 2018 (Infographic)

In current days and the generation where internet and digital media have dominated our lives, so we are unable to do marketing with offline marketing and not feasible for companies to stay away from platforms when concerned with promoting their products and services. With the offline and digital marketing discussion going on everywhere, let us decide out what is most appropriate for the marketing and development of your business. Online advertising and offline advertising could appear like a hard decision to make but these points will assist you to make up your mind clear.

Offline marketing is the traditional modes of marketing that have been used since the inception of marketing and advertisements. Offline marketing is treated with advertisements on radio, posters, television, flyers, hoardings, magazines and newspapers.

Digital marketing is the most influential, powerful, important and innovative form of marketing for the growth of your business. It is the greatest method to reach your potential customers. It could be from Google search, social media marketing services, email marketing, and online advertising or pay per click advertising.

Online marketing is more adaptable than offline marketing, though all the types look alike. Now we discuss the benefits of digital marketing and share 20advantages of digital marketing over offline marketing given below:

Quick and Convenient Marketing:

Digital marketing is quick and convenient marketing when we compared to offline marketing because, at beginning an online marketing campaign, you can actually operate your business anytime a day without having to worry about store hours or overtime payments for digital marketer and staff. Digital marketing is allowing convenient online access to your companies or products or services also is convenient for your possible customers. As more and more customers throughout the world depend on the Internet for everything from purchasing, entertainment to research and education. As a merchant, this is a huge advantage, as it means they can order online right from the support of their home, besides you can easily track sales items online as they make their way into delivery. You can download digital commodities from the internet with simply a click of a mouse also easy to hire a digital marketing company today and many companies providing digital marketing services in Bangalore itself.

Low Cost for Operations:

Low cost of operations is a crucial advantage of online marketing. The beginning cost of online marketing is only a small amount when it will be compared to newspaper, Yellow Pages, television and radio advertisements cost. For instance, you can receive a local free listing on Google My Business that will be just as powerful as a costly online Yellow Pages advertisement. Besides, while offline advertisement may only run for a small time, a search engine optimization campaign (SEO) can produce long-term results besides you can save lot of money with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising where it is easy to experiment with small advertisement volumes until you perfect your tactics and then increase your online marketing budget and Nowadays you have many PPC company in Bangalore. Huge advertising prices for both visual and print media can be replaced for more effective and minimal costs by following online marketing by building flourishing online marketing.

Digital Marketing Advantages

Targeted Advertising:

When you are going to market in online, you get the chance to reach your valuable audience based on their class, demographic and geographic. You can decide what kind of people going to focus on the online marketing you want to offer your products or services to customers, besides getting a chance to run targeted marketing campaigns at a large scale is one of the greatest opportunities available to online marketers today. Because the more important to provide an offer or product or services is to a potential customer. The targeted audience is one of the crucial digital marketing advantages.

Easy to Handle Existing Customer:

If you know your target customer’s marketing method, you can recognize the optimal time for a particular offer. With following existing customers’ actions, you will be ready to build a purchasing method funnel. In your offer sales first, you need to intimate your existing customer. In this process, digital marketing is very simple through email marketing and bulk SMS you can send huge numbers of emails and SMS to your existing customer within simply mouse click through these things easy to handle your existing customers.

Easy to Change with Reliable Technology:

In digital marketing, the digital marketer is following some technologies, changing some technologies and switching technologies. It is impossible to avoid a need to change something in your marketing campaign. But the good news is businesses and online marketing when compared to offline marketing, digital marketing is so much easier to change with reliable technology. The technology that powers the web is reliable. But, better yet, it is becoming better and more sophisticated every day. Delivery of newsletter campaign marketing is instant and, as long as you have the proper address, you don’t have to worry about whether or not it is going to reach its destination.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Trackable and Measurable Results:

Digital media platforms are being favored by a growing number of companies because the campaigns can be tracked and the results are measurable by the digital marketing advertisers. They obtain insights into how leads are generated and prospects are responding to the campaigns. In addition, they get knowledge on the campaigns that are effective and can also recognize the shortcomings of their businesses. Moreover, they can ascertain if their organizational goals are being met, and if not then they come to realize that then need to reconstruct their future digital marketing and SEO strategies respectively. Is it not great to spend on digital marketing campaign whose results can be measured? Digital marketing allows you to see the measures in real time and presents you a wonderful opportunity to refine the strategy and improve the results

Long-term and Immediate Exposure:

Reach many prospects by shifting to a digital marketing operation within a very small investment of your business.  You can get long-term and immediate results by practicing digital marketing. Digital marketing begins up opportunities with an international platform for businesses because even a single digital marketing campaign can be seen worldwide. This is one of the best things in digital marketing and businesses. Costs of starting a campaign against offline marketing methods are considerably very less. However, one should see it as a long-term investment and can also choose Search Engine Optimization (SEO), also you can see huge numbers of SEO agencies Bangalore that provide best SEO services.

Brand Development and Publicity:

Brand development is what every business strives to achieve and digital marketing accommodates promote your brand by digital marketing services on numerous platforms, the higher viral your brand performs, the higher reputation your brand will get in the eyes of search engines as well as users. Quicker publicity due to the immediate and real-time results of digital marketing, you can receive immediate publicity. If you don’t get quick publicity and brand development, you know at least spontaneously that this particular digital marketing technology is not working for your business so you can switch immediately.

SEO and Digital Marketing

Marketing 24/7:

In online marketing, you can operate campaigns throughout the clock. It means you are operating digital marketing campaigns anytime (24/7). Compared to offline marketing, digital marketing does not restrain anyone with availability time. Meanwhile, you need not worry about more money pay to your digital marketer or staff. Besides, there is no local or global time variation for you to bother on that will influence the reachability or availability of your digital marketing campaigns. Whenever someone turns on his or her computer or mobile and connects to the internet, there is a higher possibility of them viewing your digital marketing campaigns and customers can see for your product at their most convenient time.

Schedule Future Campaigns:

Digital marketing self-regulation tools make staying regulated easily and properly by allowing you to schedule your campaigns and social media posts advanced in time. While this functionality has been throughout since the early days of newsletter campaigns, bulk SMS and social media marketing, the attached benefit of running this from a marketing self-regulation tool are that you can simply schedule various posts to different segments of your customers, based on information in the CRM system you could, for instance, list five small alterations to five different fragments of your customers, all a bit more personalized to their needs and interests.

Greater engagement with Customers:

By offline marketing, you cannot actually communicate with your target customer. You require waiting out for the customer responses to proceed in before you can organize your further action. This is a lengthy and wearisome process for offline marketer and businesses. Digital marketing permits you to involve your customer in real time and immediate. You can chat, teach and explain a lot about your brand or business with the actual customer instantly. Really, this requires more commitment from your side as well. You want to be prepared to invest that much time into the digital marketing budget.


Mostly, lots of people avoid getting phone calls and emails in his or her post boxes about the products and services towards which they have the smallest movement. Digital marketing services present astonishing chances to opt out; they are surely less interfering than offline marketing media. You can decide to neglect that email and SMS as long as you want. You can decide to opt out of social media discussions on a particular brand page. You can also target interested customers on the social networking sites grasp a tab on what they look for on the internet.

Data Collection:

After every digital marketing campaigns and transaction through the internet lets, you collect data easily about your campaigns. It will help your next digital marketing campaigns. Whenever a purchaser purchases something through your website, you get his or her data very clear. You can utilize this data in a lot of ways, but it is most powerful when it is examined to determine what you can do to fine-tune your business. The data collected can also assist to divide the segment of customers so your business can post advertisements and promotional materials based on their interests.

Huge Number of Digital Marketing Companies:

Digital marketing companies in Bangalore and worldwide are expanded to nearly all the sectors. The potential of digital marketing provides geophysical barriers to die to make all customers and companies on the world potential customers and businesses, besides a country with a quickly growing economy; it is expected to have a very high significant growth in the digital marketing career. So you can hire easily a digital marketer and digital marketing company. Here I will suggest, is a best online marketing company in Bangalore also providing content writing services in Bangalore as well.

Connect with Mobile Customers:

Today, most of the people are using the smartphone and using the internet on his or her smartphone so you just cannot neglect the numerous number of smartphone users. All of them should be your target customer if you want to develop your business across the world. It is not the same as sending SMS and making calls. It is fully about using the most outstanding applications that an enormous number of Smartphone users use. You can advertise advertisements to promote your products and services. Besides, your business’s official website should be responsive that means fitted to open all devices. Today all of the website design companies go with the responsive website based on search engine algorithms.

Automated Digital Marketing

Automated Marketing:

Just a click, you can run your whole business in digital marketing with an automated tool. When compared with offline marketing, where you must assign various duties to the best sources and talents, digital marketing will apply the latest technology. Also, digital marketing provides you with the chance to transform every appearance of your business’s methods into a fully automated system. All you want to do is determine the right tool and technology appropriate to your digital marketing campaigns whatever you are done. With automating your digital marketing campaign, you can decide to do something more important with your business.

Wider Reachability:

A company can earn much more publicity on the internet as opposed to broadcasting on television and radio stations that may only be accessible in particular areas and only be viewed by or listened to by a comparatively tiny group of people. One of the advantages of digital marketing over offline marketing is that the former is more far-reaching than the latter. The avenues of digitized technologies are available to any internet or mobile user, unlike the conventional modes which are extremely restricting. For the mobile user, you must develop your website as the responsive mobile website.

Time Effective Marketing:

Compared with offline marketing or traditional marketing, digital marketing is to initiate, run, and implement very easily so it is time and staff effective marketing. The digital marketing tools are run automatically, also have a drag and drop interface, allowing you to build email campaigns, landing pages, and social campaigns with no technical or design expertise required. You can set up email marketing for your business within a short time. Within a couple of minutes, you can set up an autoresponder and generate an email marketing list for your valuable business.

Immediate Transaction:

Doing transaction activities in digital marketing is very easy and almost immediate payment transaction for products and services getting from customers. For this purpose, we have lots of online payment gateways for the immediate transaction so it is one of the major benefits of digital marketing.

Focus Globally:

One of the highest benefits of digital marketing within several months of being proactive with SEO, you can have millions of users and reach an enormous customer all around the world. Besides, you have found many SEO experts in Bangalore and worldwide. The world has turned into a global village. All type of business made pleasant through digitization. Digital marketing provides advertisement campaigns to be visible in all part of the world. This provides small start-ups with the occasional opportunity to perform global through the extensive publicity provided. On the internet, you have read many stories of start-ups that became hugely prosperous over a short period due to the opportunities generated gratitude to the global nature of marketing through digital platforms.

For a small business with fewer budgets to spend on marketing activities can use digital marketing to target the narrow group of customers and focus heavily on them. Digital marketing offers a wide range of options to market your business to potential customers. Nowadays all business must have digital visibility and cannot be left behind as it affects the online and offline customers.

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