11 Marketing Trends for Realtors to Promote Themselves Better and Sell Real Estate

Marketing is important for any business. If customers don’t know who you are or what you offer, they aren’t going to buy—it’s as simple as that. In real estate, a competitive and often volatile market, marketing can make the difference between a good commission and missing out on the sale altogether. Unfortunately, many real estate agents don’t know how to communicate effectively or market themselves. Taking the time to understand marketing can set you apart from your competition and sell more.

Real Estate Agents Need to Know about Marketing

Learning marketing skills takes time, but it’s an investment that will pay for itself over time. Taking the time to develop better business and communication skills can dramatically improve your business and customer service. Knowing marketing best practices and putting them into action will help you promote yourself and attract new clients.

If the idea of learning how to market your real estate business sounds intimidating, you’re not alone in that feeling. Some people are afraid of making the investment or are worried they won’t have the time. While it does take some time to learn marketing concepts, there are now many flexible options for learning, like e-courses, certificates, and online education.

Once you’ve learned the basics of marketing, you can use them forever to build your business and gain more customers. Plus, some of the courses and workshops you take can often be deducted on your taxes as a business expense if you understand the tax system.

Developing a Marketing Strategy and Using Technology Can Help You

Realtors who don’t understand how to use digital tools like social media and market themselves are slowly getting left behind. Top real estate agents are always looking for new ways to leverage technology, build their online brand, and grow their businesses. Having a beautiful, functional website that is optimized for search engine traffic can help attract new clients and make it easy for them to contact you.

It’s important to know how to market yourself constantly and connect with others so you can maximize your business’s success. That means you should always keep learning and understanding the current best practices. Not sure where to start? Here are the 11 marketing trends you should be aware of as we move toward 2019.

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