11 Business Trip Essentials

The term “business is booming” has never been more applicable than in current times. We are living in a fast-paced world where the only way to make a comfortable living is to roll those sleeves up and do some good hard work. This means that many of us often find ourselves on the road, traveling from city to city trying to secure business deals and relationships. While this might seem adventurous, it can be exhausting and it’s not always ideal to be away from our loved ones.

To make your corporate jet-settings lightly more comfortable and a little less stressful, we suggest you equip yourself with the tools of the trade. These tools are the essentials you will need to get you from point A to B, and everywhere in between.

11 Business Trip Essentials

1. A Diary

While women usually always have a diary or calendar at their exposal, the opposite sex tends to slack in this department. A men’s diary is a saving grace however, and can be kept in either a digital or “old school” hardcopy format – whichever floats your boat.

A diary can be a powerful tool that not only allows you to keep an accurate track of your schedule so that you don’t miss any important meetings, it can also be used to jot down notes and details that you need to keep safe. To add, it’s an awesome fidget accessory that comes in handy for those awkward moments where you don’t know who to do with yourself; simply start flicking through your diary pages and look busy!

2. A Sturdy Wallet

You’ve earned the cash and now you need to keep it safe! Make sure you find yourself a durable wallet that holds your cards and cash, keeping them safe, clean and in pristine condition. A wallet that is large enough to house your passport is idealsince you’ll want easy access to this travel book at all times. On the other hand, however, you preferably want to look for a design that’s not too bulky, since you want it to fit comfortably in your pocket for convenience.

You might also want to find yourself a wallet that comes equipped with RFID protection. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and refers to small electronic devices that are embedded with a chip containing data. RFID protection can be added to the lining of your wallet, preventing hackers from scanning your data and stealing it for all sorts of malicious intent. You’ll definitely need one of these “street smart” wallets if you find yourself in strange and unknown cities.

3. A Dopp Kit

A Dopp kit, or more commonly referred to as a toiletry kit, is a standard essential business accessory that needs to follow you on all of your journeys. The bag is just as important as its contents and is a companion to any businessman who takes his grooming and hygiene seriously.

We suggest opting for a bag that is sturdy in make and can endure the long roads by avoiding wear and tear. A water-resistant kit is ideal since it’s more likely to keep the contents dry and free from mildew – this way you can enjoy a hot steaming shower without worrying about how you’re going to pack your Dopp kit afterward.

Every bathroom travel kit should always be readily equipped with the following contents:

  • A comb
  • Small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel
  • Antiperspirant spray/roll-on
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Mouthwash or breath mints
  • Nail clippers
  • Wet wipes
  • Beard trimmer/razors and shaving soap

4. A Set of Durable Luggage with Safety Features

Traveling the world at the company’s expense is quite the perk, but it also means that your personal belongings need to be carted along too, and could be at risk if not packed securely. The last thing you want is for your luggage to be damaged, go missing or even worse, stolen!

Choose a set of luggage (including carry-on luggage) that comes with various compartments, so that you can pack your possessions neatly and then have easy access to them. Standard travel bags should also come with the option to lock, preferably with a scroll lock system so that you don’t have the added responsibility of caring for the key. And then, look for bags that come with the nifty RFID protection feature, so that you can rest at ease knowing your passport and ID information is safe from prying eyes.

TIP: Always ensure that your bags are tagged with contact details in case they go missing.

5. A Reliable Power Bank

What would life be without your phone? Picture a scenario where you need to make an urgent business call, or alert your associates that you’re running late, only to find that your phone’s battery is stone-cold dead. While you’re on the move, you have absolutely no access to a charger or plug point. And in walks the portable power bank to save the day!

Power banks are nifty gadgets that allow you to store electrical energy in a compact and lightweight “container”. You can use this energy at a later stage to charge your smartphones or mobile devices anywhere at any time. If you consider yourself a go-getter and a determined businessman, there’s absolutely no excuse for a phone left without power! And after a long hard day of business dealings, there should be just enough charge to call home.

6. A Fountain Pen

No matter how many cool gadgets and awesome accessories we equip ourselves with, the power of the pen still stands. As a businessman, you want to assert a certain status, so a flimsy cap-less pen that you pull from your laptop bag certainly won’t do. You want your pen to ooze class as you sign those documents and seal the deal.

You can’t go wrong with a quality Fountain Pen that’s made from durable materials and boasts a sleek yet practical design. Place yourself as a businessman of distinction by smoothly pulling one of these renowned pens from your pocket in an instant, leaving no room for awkward moments as you fuss and scramble in search of a disposable pen.

7. A Watch

When time is of the essence then it’s important that you keep good track of your business dealings and travel schedule. While these days a smart device is an excellent timekeeper, a reliable watch still comes in handy as a convenient timepiece, plus, they look good!

Some flights require you to switch your mobiles and smartphones off during travel time, so avoid being left in the lurch and make sure a classy watch sits securely around your arm, ready for the busy day ahead. Heck, these day’s you could even ditch your phone altogether and invest in a Smartwatch that keeps you connected, well-directed and on time – all the time!

8. Business Books

There’s no better time to catch up with your business knowledge than while you endure lengthy flights and cab rides. Business books are perfect for keeping you busy in between dealings to, or during lonely nights while you are away from loved ones.

Another advantage of having a good selection of business books on hand while traveling is that they have a way of motivating and even inspiring you with new ideas and possibilities. Business trips can be tedious and exhausting and often we need a little bit of drive and encouragement to get us through meetings confidently and with a smile.

9. A Lint Remover

The little lint buddies that you pick up along your travels might enjoy the ride, but they’re definitely not welcome to join the high-end meeting you’re about to enter. The solution is a compact and portable lint-remover that fits snugly into your hand-luggage, ready to free your expensive suit from dust particles, hair and minuscule objects that have managed to stick themselves to you along the way.

Make sure your suit is just as ready to impress along with your proposals and business dealings. Simply use a sticky-roller to swipe up the lint as you get out your vehicle, keeping your attire in pristine condition, which only adds to your confidence. We all know that when it comes down to business, confidence is key!

10. A Filtered Water Bottle

To keep that business mojo in full force, you need to keep hydrated! Sip on water during your trip and you’re likely to feel more refreshed and energetic when it comes down to those tedious business dealings. An affordable solution is to get yourself a nifty water bottle that comes with a small water filtration system, to keep water clean, pure and pleasant tasting no matter what country you travel to.

Of course, you’re going to need bottomless cups of coffee to keep you awake and somewhat sane, but water is the real revitaliser!

11. A Business Card Holder

Nothing is more impressive than a businessman that comes prepared! Keep your business cards crisp and in pristine condition with a quality business card holder. You never know who you will meet along the way and handing over your details on a significant-looking card could open up a world of opportunities.

So, instead of stuffing your business cards into bulky wallets where the ears will fold and the paper will rub itself raw, invest in a business card holder – an essential accessory for any serious businessman!

Are You Ready For Business?

It’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared, we say! With these 11 nifty business travel essentials at hand, you’re more likely to enjoy a pleasant trip filled with confidence, opportunities and the end result you had hoped for. And the businessman of the year award goes too…YOU!


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