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Watching Live sports on your television can be a bit of a hassle. First off, you may be forced to watch what majority of your family likes; and secondly, TV sets lack portability. Moreover, sports channel packages may cost a little extra, over and above the actual subscription package. With an easy access to the broadband connection, watching live games online is no sweat. Aside from the aforementioned, all you might require is the Adobe Flash Player and at times, SopCast/AceStreams. You’ll find umpteen free sports streaming sites online. The tough part is to find ones which actually work, without redirecting you to a survey page or irksome pop-ups.

Therefore, we’ve rounded up the best ones, on basis of user-friendliness, video quality, and frequency of ads. These free sports sites feature several ranges of games including football, cricket, baseball, basketball, and more. Here are ten sports streaming sites that we love, in no particular order:

Live Sports Websites To Watch Live Games Online

1. Stream2watch.Eu

With an average traffic of roughly 10 million users/month, Stream2watch surely deserves a spot on this list. The site design is not exceptional in any way but browsing and discovering content is a breeze, thanks to an easy-to-use interface. The homepage displays four main navigational tabs, namely, Live Sports Stream, Live Television, Series, and Worldwide Live TV. The Live Sports Stream category is further divided into as many as 30 sub-categories entailing a plethora of sports.

The Live TV option allows you to stream sports events as well as entertainment media from major TV networks such as ABC, FOX, FX, HBO, ESPN, Eurosport, MTV, NBC, TLC, TBS, TNT, and Sky Sports. What’s more? You’ll find that many of the streams are available in HD, sans excessive commercials; for a free service, this is a blessing!


Free, yet highly reliable! Sportlemon sports a very neat layout, backed by a straightforward interface. Depending on what you wish to watch, you may choose from a bunch of categories including Football, Tennis, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Boxing, and Motorsports. The homepage shows a list of the recently uploaded streams along with details like the uptime.

If you’re concerned about copyright infringement issues, Sportlemon has an option of checking the link by entering its URL under the tab “link checker”. To boot, it does show brief commercials, albeit, minimal. For someone who loves a simple interface and doesn’t wish to spend much on streaming services, Sportlemon is a great option.


Similar to most of the free streaming sites, Vipbox also indexes the best online sources for watching live sports and provides links for the same. The homepage shows all the categories in a clear, grid-like format with huge icons, illustrating the sport along with its name. You can stream a wide gamut of sports like Football, Basketball, Motorsports, Formula 1, Table Tennis, Snooker, Cricket, WWE, Hockey, Nascar, Cycling, Swimming, and Badminton; including major leagues like College Football, F1, and NCAAB. In case you’re not aware, Vipbox has been running successfully for the past 5 years, longer than many other streaming sites.

This translates into more, better quality links. One feature that we really liked is the “Games Currently Live Online” button, located on top of the main screen. This will basically redirect you to any game that’s currently airing live. Having said that, if you’re an MLB fan, you may be out of luck.


Erstwhile Drakulastream, Batmanstream is considered to be one of the most visited sport streaming sites where users congregate to watch NBA, NHL, football, and rugby games. While most other sites are down during big leagues due to a system overload, Batmanstream maintains a 95% uptime even during events like the UEFA Champions League.

The site sets itself apart in that it has extremely well thought-out categories (11 sections) on basis of the sport, including Basketball, Handball, Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Motorsports, and even uncommon ones encompassing poker, golf, and snooker. The site is said to update content as frequently as every fifteen minutes. Our only complaint is that it lacks mirror sites so if its blocked by your ISP, there’s no workaround for it.

5. MamaHD.TV

MamaHD is quite a hit in both, the United States and the UK, receiving almost 5 million visitors each month. As per the Similarweb ranking statistics and user-feedback, MamaHD is said to be one of the ultimate sports streaming sites out there. The site flaunts a superior looking design whilst exceeding expectations on the functionality front. It is optimized for mobile phones; so if you use your handset more often than your PC/laptop, this would be very convenient.

Though you can stream events like the English Premier League, Horse Racing, WWE, MotoGP, and Formula 1, this site is most notable for streaming the Champions League. MamaHD is near-flawless, except a few glitches that we noticed while using it. Those are – bugs in the live chat service and force closing of the streaming window on certain occasions during half-time. Side note for NBA fans: at present this site will redirect you to NBA’s official website.

6. WatchESPN

If you cannot stand pesky pop-ups and advertisements, WatchESPN should be your top pick. Previously known as “ESPN Network”, this venture was born out of an association between the Walt Disney Company and the Hearst Corporation. WatchESPN is one of those rare sports streaming sites which are totally legit and offer a premium experience; thanks to its ownership. The site mainly features American Sports like baseball/softball, ice hockey, soccer, basketball, and American football. Users can stream simulcasts from cable TV channels like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNews, Longhorn Network, SEC Network, and ESPN Buzzer Beater.

Furthermore, it serves as a platform for broadcasting ESPN3. The best part of this site is that you can access live sports streams in HD via a wide range of devices. That said, its WatchESPN can only be accessed if you have a cable/satellite TV subscription. Also, this service may not work outside of the US unless you use a VPN service.

7. FuboTV

Just like WatchESPN, FuboTV is also legal, offering top-notch content and video quality. However, there’s one major difference between the two. Unlike WatchESPN, FuboTV is a standalone paid OTT service and does not require users to have a cable/satellite TV subscription. It mainly focuses on content from live sports channels like NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, and Soccer. Plus, you can also get access to relevant news, TV series, and movies from 72 channels such as CBS, MSG, NESN, and more.

It is supported on multiple platforms including iOS and Android devices, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. At $35/month, you can avail all this, plus save your favorite content on the Cloud DVR (30 hours). It is the perfect streaming service if you can’t compromise on legality and overall UX, and don’t mind spending.

8. draws more than a whopping 25 million visitors every month, more than most of the sports sites available on the internet. If we had to choose one site, this would be it! Why do you ask? Well, is equipped with an interface and layout par excellence. The homepage has an efficient search functionality and carefully curated sections like Upcoming Broadcasts, Trending Matches, Match schedules, Upcoming Leagues with forthcoming playoffs, etc. also enables sports buffs to see live scores and access video archives in case they miss a live match.

You can stream the Premier League, Serie A, Primera Division, NBA, NFL, and NHL in high-resolution. Fan of European sports? You’re going to love this site as it features sports like tennis, cycling, greyhound racing, futsal, bandy, athletics, billiard, and handball. UK residents: you may have trouble accessing and might have to look for proxy sites.

9. Streamwoop.Tv

A relatively new site, Streamwoop boasts of an extremely well-organized layout with sections like “Tending Events”, “Sports Replays and Highlights”, “Live Competitions”, and “Live Sports Streaming”; seen as you scroll down the main page. You can also select a sport of your interest from the tabs located at the top. All this combined, facilitate a hassle-free discovery process. Alternatively, you may simply use the search bar to look for an event as per the name of the game, team, sport, or competition; if you already know what you wish to stream.

Much like the other sites listed here, Streamwoop offers live streams of various sports including Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Racing, Ice Hockey, Tennis, and American Football. As stated earlier, Streamwoop also offers replays, news, live score, and highlights. That said, a major con is that it may not be the best service if you’re more into European sports, just like WatchESPN.

10. Myfeed2all

 At first glance, Feed2all may appear to be pretty basic in terms of design. However, the chief reason why this site made it on our list is that it provides high-quality streams and super fast links which are updated very regularly. Feed2all is mostly known for featuring sports which originate or are more popular in the European region. So if you love Football, Snooker, Cricket, Darts, Golf, or Tennis, you will certainly not be disappointed.

The best thing about this site is that you don’t need to register an account. Simply click on a link and start watching, in HD, with very few ad-breaks. The only problem with Feed2all is that it becomes really slow during important events as many people flock here looking for an alternative. If this site didn’t have such downtimes, we would have perhaps rated it as number one.

To Wrap Up

As per our personal experience, none of these sports streaming sites contain malware. However, we would still recommend that you download a good quality anti-malware/virus software and use a VPN service to conceal your identity, especially if you’re using an illegal service.

With that out of the way, you can enjoy streaming live sports online so long as you have a stable internet connection. If we’ve missed out on a significant site, please do leave a comment down below.

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