10 Digital Marketing Trends For Businesses

Digital marketing is considered to be one of the latest techniques to promote a business and convert its leads into clients and customers. It uses digital technologies as a promotional medium such as Internet, television, and mobile. At present, digital marketing is a vital part of every business’s marketing strategy because customers want businesses to have a strong, effective and prominent online presence. Therefore, most businesses tend to use digital marketing which also incorporates each form of marketing that’s done via electronic tools. This article will highlight some of the huge digital marketing trends that are gaining popularity among all kinds of businesses these days.

Content marketing

Content is proven to be the king of the marketing. It’s the key driver that takes the brand towards positioning, participation and recall. Content should be created in an effective manner to communicate the message to your target audience. Usually, keywords play important role to attract the customers driving them to action. Several businesses use strategic approaches for content while the use of video content along with info-graphics is increasing due to its huge popularity among the customers.

Diy App Maker Platform

Today, most people want to have their own mobile applications for their business. Though, several software development companies or individuals offer their services to develop custom software or apps, there are some do-it-yourself app makers that allow you to quickly create and publish apps for free. Known as Diy app maker, it allows small businesses to place and update various content, integrate social media and RSSS, provide geo-location, features peculiar for companies (such as menus for restaurant apps) and so forth.

 Social Media Marketing:

Billions of users are linked with different social media websites, and it is impossible to overlook social media marketing for any business. Some social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have come with innovative ways to advertise on videos which is quite similar to YouTube. Experts are expecting that the latest move will look to carry away a considerable market share in this category. Both medium and large size businesses make a certain budget for social media as one of the promotional mediums.

Marketing Automation:

Marketing automation is one of the strongest techniques of digital marketing that help businesses see the behavior of every lead to tailor contents, proposals, e-mails as well as outreach at scale. Though, lots of software applications are available to use for the same, custom-made apps are the best as every business differs in needs and requirements.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Some businesses put in big investment for digital marketing and expect huge returns within a short time. Unfortunately, they miss to consider optimization which is important to be next to the investment. Businesses need to optimize the conversation rate on their sites by enhancing user experience of their visit or purchase on the site. As a business owner, you should familiarize yourself with the errors and correct them. Besides, it’s also essential to optimize the call over act in addition to work with an integrated approach for materializing the traffic visiting to the website.

Native Advertising

Online display marketing such as banner ads and retargeting cost 34 percent of online advertising which also represents approximately 10 percent of overall marketing budgets. On the other hand, native advertising that is viewed almost 53 percent more than other banner advertisements, tends to be more helpful for marketers who spend heavily on online promotions. There is an increasing growth of B2B seen over the past couple of years because of spending huge on native ads which has left the online display far behind.

Big Data

Many businesses select Big Data as one of the important marketing strategies. As a vital part of digital media strategy, it incorporates customers’ insight, predictive analytics and market information. It comes with 3Vs- date variety, data volume and data velocity, and has a variety of functions to perform in a brand’s marketing. With data velocity, you can access the real time data while data variety will show you new types of unstructured data. Lastly, data volume refers to the whole count of existing digital data.

Online PR and Influencer Outreach

At present, the online PR is completely connected with content marketing, Search Engine Optimization as well as Social media. It’s a must to throw back the negative elements if you like to boost visibility in your business and its success. Many businesses invest in image marketing which is definitely helping them change the perception of target audience and help them accept the brand.

Search engine optimization and paid search marketing

Many internet users tend to use search engines to find information for their particular needs. It also helps the marketers carry out their marketing tasks with ease and maximum visibility. Moreover, the latest move in AMP and mobile index is believed to increase traffic toward your website and convert leads into customers.


Snapchat has gained acceptance particularly among the new generation and therefore, its prospects in the coming days can’t be overlooked. Many businesses use Snapchat to organize marketing campaigns with the help of images and videos. Usually, marketing ads on Snapchat have an expiry date, and are published for a specific time period.

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